My day starts and ends with screens. From phone to laptop to television, screens are all around me, making me disoriented. There is hardly any escape because I am stuck in my home.
I often wander to my balcony to escape it all, because that is the nearest place closest to nature. A perfect getaway from our box like apartments into the arms of the real world. In times like this, I try to take in every piece of nature city life can offer. I fill my ears with the music of the horns of the passing cars, the animals fighting over something or maybe just playing with each other. I take in the lush greenery of the flora, some on the streets, and some harboured in my balcony. I stare at the sky, the many shades of blue, the moving clouds, and feel myself flying away with them. I feel the breeze on my face and close my eyes. This is all I want, this is all I need.


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Transitioning to converting my thoughts into blogs from talking to myself about them

15 thoughts on “Balconies”

  1. So lovely write up. ha ha life itself is becoming screen now a days we just have to reflect ourselves. Music of the car horns wah… btw lovely balcony I love tiny plants n flowers which decor the balcony beautifully πŸ˜‡πŸ‘

    Β From phone to laptop to television, screens are all around me

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  2. I connected with this immediately. It’s so hard when our jobs and passions revolve around the use of screens and it’s so important to remind ourselves to take a break and experience the beauty that is around us.

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  3. “She wrong a long letter . . . On a short piece of paper”:

    That line from a Traveling Wilburys song is the highest compliment I could pay you for saying so much with so little:

    “quenchingthelongthirst: Transitioning to converting my thoughts into blogs than talking to myself about them.”

    That instantly resonated with me.

    Your balcony bit reminds me of wrote in Runnin’ Down a Dream:


    The sky is pristine blue on my 50th, but I’d feel fantastic even if it were pouring down rain. I walk out to a wall of windows every morning to be engulfed by light. . . .

    Even in the Houston heat, I left one of the sliding-glass doors open a couple inches open all summer β€” as the sound of 610 moves me. I loved my peace & quiet all those years in Charlotte, but the streets of San Francisco changed all that.

    Now I thrive in the atmosphere of activity β€” surrounded by light, ever-flowing fresh air, and the hum of the traffic.

    All the more fitting because I’m still going somewhere.


    Beyond those windows is a balcony that goes to a whole other world: A pond with plenty of ducks and big turtles to boot — surrounded by trees and relaxing landscaping. I sometimes yell down to the ducks to say hello.

    In today’s world, I have a better chance of reaching them than my fellow man. But once in a blue moon, somebody comes along who gets it — that there so much beauty and goodness to experience all around us.

    “This is all I want, this is all I need.”

    I wonder, what life have you lived to see so much that most miss? That must have been quite a journey, and I look forward to reading your words in the spirit of such discovery.

    Thank you for following my site — and thank you for making my day with what I have found in yours.


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