About me

I started writing this blog for two reasons, for not giving up on my love for writing and to have some medium to vent. As time passed, this became therapy for me. From writing about trips to a mere passing thought, I started enjoying the process. Have you heard that sometimes sharing makes you realize how silly you were to think you had a problem in the first place? This is exactly what happened to me many times I wrote down something while cribbing and could see my silliness staring at me in the face! And from there things started to change. I started to think positively and motivating myself. I cannot put into words how much this has helped me grow.
Along with figuring out my issues, I have also realized that most of us (millennials) are going through the same kind of emotions. Mr. Durden pointed out the exact problem why we are sad and pissed off, but yet we fail in understanding and doing something about it. I think that sharing and caring is our only way out in these strange times. This is me, sharing what I feel, what I think, what I want, what I believe is the way out of this little bubble of unhappiness and grief that we have surrounded ourselves with, along with occasional posts related to other walks of life 🙂