Summers and coolers

Trying to beat the unexpected Seattle summers, thrusting my face in the only tower fan I have, and fantasizing about ACs, I am transported back to the simplest of times when summers were less harsher, and more fun, and my mind is simply stuck on coolers.

Oh the desert coolers that used to be more than capable of cooling the entire house, and all of their shenanigans. The day the family used to decide that it is finally hot enough to repair the coolers and then getting new grass for the doors and installing them, filling up the tank with water every morning and evening, and trying to while away the time while waiting, putting water on the grass for more cooling effect, watching the water motor work and the water trickle down on the grass, sitting right in front of the cooler to dry away every last drop of sweat, fighting with everyone in the family to sit closest to the cooler, making robot voices by shouting in the cooler fan. And what do I even say about the breeze. Even now, just thinking about it takes me back to all the summers that used to be just joyous, free of any stress.

Even during college, I got to experience this because we could not keep ACs in our dorms. Sitting with your friends in hostel rooms, libraries, hostel common rooms, just talking about stupid things, oblivious from the hardships of life, just enjoying, enjoying being careless, enjoying the breeze, enjoying the heat, enjoying existing. Thinking about coolers just takes me back to this time, when life was so much easier, when laughters were incessant, no frowns, just summers and coolers.