Picture Imperfect.

Not everyone can click beautiful pictures. They look good if the subject is picturesque, has a meaning. The lighting has to be flawless. And the frame has to be on point. It is an art to determine the exact things to include and exclude.

But the reality is not as surreal. There are imperfections that we just choose to cut out of the photo because they don’t add value, they are not good to look at, people will not appreciate them.

We create an illusion, half a truth, just to make us feel secure, make us feel that we live in an ideal world.

And so is the life that we paint for ourselves. We pretend things are all up to the mark, ignore the things that bother us, that do not fit into our quintessential lives. We slightly align our lens as per our will and just look at the pleasant things, show others the same, lock everything else away and dream on.

But not today. Today I want to make a collage of all the imperfections and flaws in my life, and hang it over my bed. I want to look at it and face it everyday, admire it, and tell myself that life is just as amazing with these not so happy memories and qualities. Today I accept my messy life, today I make the perfect picture imperfect.